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Uponor Asia How A Marketing Strategy Using HubSpot In China Prompted a Global Initiative


Founded in Finland in 1918, Uponor is a leading provider of plumbing and indoor climate systems for the residential and commercial building markets across Europe and North America. Uponor is also a market leader in municipal infrastructure pipe systems in the Nordic countries.

With 4,000 committed employees and a local presence in 30 countries, Uponor works in a close partnership with other building professionals - designers, specifiers and installers. Uponor Corporation is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki in Finland.

Compared with its historic beginnings in Europe, Uponor Asia is a relatively new entrant to the Asian market providing plumbing, indoor climate and energy systems for residential and commercial buildings in the region since 2006.

Project Plan

Client Location
Helsinki, Finland

Services Provided
Lead Generation, Content Creation, SEO & Keyword Optimization, Website Design, HubSpot Integrations, Buyer Persona Research

Related Sector
Radiant Heating & Cooling, Manufacturing

Languages Supported
English, Mandarin, Cantonese

The Challenge

In 2015 Uponor Asia Director of Marketing Asia, Robert Cubick, was tasked with the daunting challenge of both raising awareness of radiant cooling as a commercial solution in South East Asia, as well as expanding Uponor’s plumbing and radiant heating solution adoption in China and South Korea.

Robert understood he needed a sustainable way to increase both visitors and lead flow online in English using “Western” social media channels for South East Asia, WeChat for China, and Naver for Korea. Due to a lack of internal marketing resources, Robert began the search for an inbound marketing agency that could provide these awareness and lead generation services both inside and outside of China.

Uponor found an article by Oxygen regarding HubSpot’s then expansion to Asia, discussions began and a strategy was put forward for an inbound marketing program on HubSpot that would address the need to raise awareness of radiant cooling in South East Asia, as well as convert assist in converting leads for China and Korea.

Buyer Persona Research

We were able to then clearly identify the priority initiative, success factors, perceived barriers, buyer’s journey, and decision criteria for each of three personas we came out with. 2 for Asia (excluding Mainland China), and one for Mainland China exclusively.

Content Creation

We were able to identify topics in radiant cooling, green buildings, plumbing and engineering that spoke to the buyer persona. We then followed the “marketing” component of the inbound flywheel.

Buyers Journey Mapping & Content Campaigns

Based on what we discovered during the buyer persona research we planned and delivered a number of content campaigns centred around a PDF download spanning each stage of a typical buyer journey from awareness, to consideration to making a purchase decision.


The Solution

Based on what we discovered during the buyer persona research, we planned and delivered several content campaigns centred around a PDF download spanning each stage of a typical buyer journey from awareness to consideration to making a purchase decision. This was recently brought in line with the Uponor Asia Marcom calendar, ensuring a unified marketing and communications strategy.

In order to get the source data for the blogs and PDF’s, Oxygen’s content writers interviewed Uponor staff to obtain seed information. They performed their own research online and through reaching out to buyer personas identified in the research phase. Oxygen designed each PDF, ensuring it was in line with Uponor’s global branding guidelines.

The PDF downloads were each supported and promoted by a series of blog posts that covered topics of interest to the buyer persona and addressed problems they were facing. For example, we paired “awareness” type blogs that addressed issues such as “Pros and Cons of Radiant Cooling in Humid Climates” with a PDF download of Radiant Cooling vs All-Air Cooling in Humid Climates.

In addition, we paired more decision stage blogs such as “Best Pipes For Plumbing? PEX-a Pipes vs The Rest” with the latest radiant cooling and plumbing brochure as a PDF download.

In each case, the lead exchanged their lead information via a form to download the PDF.


The Results

The Asia offers were converting up to 40% of the leads that visited the landing pages, meaning a significant number of the visitors were turning into genuine prospects. Well above industry averages.

In addition to blogging, content for Uponor was syndicated out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. We quickly discovered that LinkedIn was the prime channel for Uponor and dedicated our resources to doing LinkedIn Pulse posts and becoming active on LinkedIn Groups.

Over 145 high-quality industry leads from LinkedIn posts and group discussions that were interested in radiant cooling solutions with Uponor, with 3% of all visits from LinkedIn converting into a lead.

Campaign Metrics to Date

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