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HubSpot CRM Hub

What is HubSpot CRM Hub?

HubSpot's CRM system is a full suite of software that helps businesses enhance customer experience through recording and analyzing customer behavior in the buying process, which ranked as the Top 3 CRM system in 2022 by G2. Unlike any CRM software out there, HubSpot CRM is a full suite software that allows you to align your service tools like marketing, sales, and CMS. This allows you to manage your business comprehensively in one place, smoothening the handoff between teams and the marketing/sales processes.

As HubSpot CRM stores all essential data and customer information in one database, no matter how many HubSpot hubs you integrate and how large your business scale is, you can easily access the data you need any time without toggling between different software or platforms.


Why HubSpot CRM?


G2 has ranked HubSpot CRM as the leading CRM software for scaling companies. The average user rate is up to 4.4/5, which is higher than other famous CRM software like Salesforce, Zoho, Dynamics.

Popular HubSpot Integrations for CRM

Integrations undoubtedly are one of the best things about HubSpot CRM. Here are some popular integrations that can help power your business.

Most Popular HubSpot CRM Software Features

Unify Your Marketings, Sales & Service Databases

icon-contact-mangement Contact management
icon-company-records Company records
icon-forms Forms

Share Context between Teams

icon-contact Contact activity
icon-insights Contact & company insights
icon-documents Documents

Organize & Track Customer Communications

icon-reporting Reporting dashboard
icon-inbox Conversations inbox
icon-email Team email
icon-chat Live chat
icon-bots Conversational bots
icon-tasks Tasks
icon-deals Deals
icon-ticketing Ticketing

Ready to Start Using HubSpot CRM?

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