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Creative Graphic Design Services for Ambitious Brands

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Web Design & Development Services

Your website is your ultimate ambassador and most important marketing asset - that is why you need a creative partner who can deliver. The design team at Oxygen has years of experience in designing concise and human-friendly websites for B2B businesses using the growth-driven design methodology. Our credentials speak for themselves: we have created over 40 websites and have won four HubSpot Impact Awards in Web Design.

web design services

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Define Your Unique Position With a Branding Strategy

It’s not easy to build a digital brand that is consistent and distinctive, and that is why it is crucial to understand your target audience and construct brands that speak to them. We’ve helped many new startups and established businesses create digital branding systems that not only support consistency across all platforms but would also ensure better onboarding and collaboration between teams.


What we could do for you

Digital Marketing & Graphic Design

Humans are visual creatures, so great digital marketing needs excellent design elements to engage users. Working closely with strategists, our design team will always consider the specificities of our clients' target market to deliver quality and impactful marketing assets with the wow factor.


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Specialised Marketing
for China

Understanding the Chinese market and marketing effectively in China can be a real challenge for Western businesses. What works in one market doesn’t necessarily work in another.


Design interesting, informative and, most importantly, sharable content with your Chinese leads and customers designed for the local market by a local team.


What we could do for you

Partners We Have Worked With

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As a digital marketing agency and HubSpot partner in Hong Kong, we are uniquely positioned
to help bridge the gap between the East and West.