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Baidu Advertising Solutions

Baidu PPC Made Easy

With offices in China and a bilingual team with international experience, we are equipped to help you reach Chinese audiences and navigate Baidu Tui Guang (百度推广) with ease.

As the largest and most mature search engine in China, there are a lot of opportunities in Baidu’s advertising platform, but opening and managing a Baidu (百度) advertising account can be a lot more complicated than most think. Not only do you have to understand the language and culture of the Mainland Chinese market – but you also have to navigate legal requirements and government regulations.

Let us help reduce the complications.

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Why Choose Oxygen?

International Experts

Our team has worked with brands in Asia, Europe and North America - with certifications in Baidu ads.

Award-Winning Team

We are 9x HubSpot Impact Award winners in 2019 and a top-performing HubSpot Platinum partner in the APAC region.

Multilingual Support

Oxygen has native English, Mandarin, and Cantonese speaking project managers, designers, and developers who know how to manage the Chinese landscape.

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Ads Account Opening

Opening a Baidu account requires a lot of compliance and legal documentation. We help by minimising mistakes in the registration process.

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Campaign Strategy

Understand your audience and learn how to send the right message by recognising how they use the Internet in China.

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Microsite Development

Get a Chinese-language website for your campaign and get it hosted in China for better performance.

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Platform Requirements Fee's & Costs Getting Started With Baidu Set-Up Process
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The Baidu Process With Oxygen

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