At Oxygen we have a dedication to learning about the best new ways to achieve our clients’ goals - allowing us to become pioneers in software integration in Asia. As the digital world is changing on nearly a daily basis, it’s important that our team is adaptable and on a path of continuous learning and self-improvement. We offer unlimited access to HubSpot certification courses and Lynda online training to all of our team members so they may expand their knowledge and make sure that they are always up-to-date.

We’re a (relatively) young, vibrant team of talented members of many different nationalities who have worked tirelessly over the past five years to build something truly special. Our dedication “quality over quantity” has allowed us to create campaigns we are proud of and build lasting relationships with all of our clients.

Inbound Marketing Career

Perks & Benefits

International Team

Work with a diverse core team and a large network of international freelancers.

Learning opportunities

Work with experienced professionals in different fields of marketing.

Qualification Building

Unlimited free access to HubSpot and Lynda certification courses.

Travel Opportunities

As a global agency working with companies all over Asia we often travel for work.

Flexible Schedules

Work when you’re most productive and where you’re most comfortable.

Health insurance

Essential health insurance coverage for all of our employees.

Hong Kong Marketing Specialists

Cool, open office spaces

Working as hard as we do can be tough, so we decided it was important to at least be working hard in a comfortable, hipster office space. Our office are all unique, chill and have loads of amenities.

Challenging work environment

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and aiming to be the best at what we do. If you strive for excellence, are willing to learn, can take critiques and enjoy a challenge then this is the place for you.

Forefront of the marketing world

Help us explore new marketing techniques, new advertising platforms and digital integrations that most companies don’t even know exist.

Opportunity for growth

As one of the fastest growing marketing agencies in Asia we expect our team to be able to grow and develop as we get bigger. Become a part of our core team and help us to be the best marketing agency in Asia.

Available Positions

Become a part of our Full-time or Internship team and help us to be the best marketing agency in Asia.

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