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AI Business Consulting & Training Service

As early adopters and experts in the latest AI tech, we have the knowledge to integrate AI seamlessly into your business operations. With our new AI service offerings, we empower businesses to be leaders in AI adoption, ensuring they achieve optimal efficiency and sustain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Our Approach to AI

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Conduct Business Audits for AI Opportunities

We will evaluate your business to understand and identify opportunities where AI can be harnessed to drive growth and efficiency.

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Explore AI Solution Alternatives

We review a broad range of AI solutions, encompassing open-source, locally-hosted, and cloud-based options, to determine the most fitting and beneficial choice for your business.

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Team Training and Certification Programs

We provide comprehensive training and certification programs to your team, ensuring they are well-equipped and confident to maximise the benefits of AI technologies.

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Implementation & Integration

We oversee the setup and training of your AI system, followed by seamless integration with your existing processes, to guarantee a smooth and effective transition.

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AI Process Optimisation & Automation

We identify and replace inefficient processes within your organisation with AI and automation, creating a streamlined, efficient business model poised for success.

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AI General Use Statement

Our integration of advanced AI tools is underpinned by an unwavering commitment to ethical and responsible use. This includes prioritising client confidentiality, safeguarding sensitive information, and ensuring our work adheres to industry standards and regulations. For a detailed understanding of AI policies, please click here

AI Training Program for Businesses

 After training the internal team at Oxygen and the teams of many of our closest clients, we realised that only giving a team access to AI tools is not enough. Most teams will struggle with implementation and don’t fully understand how the models work, which leads to; super generic and off-brand outputs. This can reduce the quality of work and seriously impact how your brand is perceived. To remedy this, we’ve created a program to help trains teams on the best ways to use AI specific to your business and its unique needs.

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What’s Included

Training Session Recording

We conduct department-tailored training sessions designed to boost proficiency in GPT-4.

Study Materials

Supplementing the training sessions, we provide comprehensive study guides and relevant resources.

Custom Training & Materials

We facilitate seamless integration of ChatGPT into your workflow and foster GPT-4 adoption across your organisation.

Performance Benchmarking

We measure efficiency and quality improvements before and after AI adoption using targeted surveys, providing a clear benchmark of training success.

Team Certification

Post-training, we administer a certification assessment focusing on AI fundamentals customised to your specific AI tool usage.

Revised Content Review

We offer feedback on up to 10 pieces of GPT-4 generated content monthly to maintain quality standards.

Post-Training Support

We provide troubleshooting and GPT-4 usage support for two months post-training via email or Slack.

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