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Global Trade Report Website Redesign on HubSpot CMS Greatly Increases Conversions & Performance


Future of Trade is an award-winning report published by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the world’s flagship Free Zone and a Dubai government authority on commodities trade and enterprise.

Published bi-annually, each edition of the report gathers research, data and global viewpoints from over 100 business leaders and trade experts. The report has gained global recognition and was featured by BBC World, Thomson Reuters and the Wall Street Journal. In 2016 and 2018, the report won Best Integrated PR campaign from the PRCA Awards.

Project Plan

Client Location
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Services Provided
Content Creation, Website Design, Website Development, HubSpot Integrations

Related Sector
Government, Business Services

Languages Supported
English, Mandarin, Arabic

New call-to-action

The Challenge

When DMCC first approached us, the Future of Trade report from 2018 only reached 42,000 downloads by the time they published their annual report that year. Though much was invested into creating the report and promoting it through marketing and PR activities globally, the website was simply not inspiring action from its visitors.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic also meant that many promotional activities had to move online, which made the website and this initiative even more important in 2020. DMCC wanted the website to better represent the ‘future’ they were reporting on. Their existing design and copy, unfortunately, could not convey this effectively.

There was also the challenge of making the report more accessible to more markets. With a target audience of English, Arabic and Chinese speakers, this presented a design challenge as English is left-aligned, Arabic is right-aligned and Chinese can be tricky with responsive formats to make sure the characters don’t split in the middle of words.

Optimizing for Conversions & Tracking

The content and overall design of the website needed to be restructured to encourage downloads. DMCC already had HubSpot Marketing Enterprise, yet did not have full visibility over campaign performance.

Modernising the Brand

A sense of ‘the future’ needed to be integrated into the imagery of the website to match the forward-thinking messaging of the report.

Multiple Languages for Multiple Markets

Adapting the website pages to function perfectly for all devices in English, Arabic & Mandarin.

DMCC Future of Trade website mockups


The Solution

Our team analysed competitor websites and mapped out the needs of DMCC’s target personas. We focused on building a website with an improved user experience and a modern look, which could also fully utilize the HubSpot Marketing Enterprise’s reporting features.

Taking into account the Future of Trade’s international audience, we were required to build the website in 3 languages: English, Mandarin and Arabic. In total, we built and provided copy for over 50 website pages and blog posts; and published over 15 automated emails in 3 languages to aid conversions.

The Results

With the conversion-optimized content and modern design, we saw a huge leap in download numbers. Within 5 months, the report had accumulated over 250,000 downloads—with almost 30% of all visitors across desktop and mobile reaching the CTA at the bottom of the homepage and a 13% session to contact rate from organic traffic sources. Today, download numbers stand at over 434,000.

As a result, the website we built and the various social media assets we provided to promote the website were featured in the DMCC Annual Report 2020. This was the first time The Future of Trade had its own dedicated page since its launch in 2016.

Campaign Metrics to Date

> 310K
Total Page Views

Total Report Downloads

> 22K
Influenced Contacts

> 2,900
New Contacts Created

Organic Keyword Rankings

Future of Trade 2020 Annual Report Performance

Our Future with DMCC

Thanks to the success of the 2020 campaign, our team is already hard at work in promoting DMCC’s Future of Trade 2021 Special Edition mini-report. Since March 2021, we have been updating the website and managing advertising campaigns across Google, Baidu and WeChat to reach audiences in China and the rest of the world. So far, the 2021 campaign has already influenced over 14,000 contacts, and our team is excited to assist in promoting the next Future of Trade report in 2022.

DMCC have also approached us to migrate their main website over to HubSpot, which we will be working on in Q4 2021—in addition to providing ongoing content creation and SEO for their blog.

Ad campaigns Oxygen developed for DMCC and the Future of Trade
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