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How Much Does It Cost to Build a B2B Website?

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The typical cost of building an SME B2B website varies between HK$80,000 to HK$150,000. Costs for B2B website design and development at Oxygen start from HK$30,000 for basic projects, with most clients opting for packages within the above range. Larger, more complex projects can range from HK$150,000 to HK$500,000.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Building a B2B Website

Number of pages and amount of multimedia content

It perhaps goes without saying, but the more complex a website is, the more it will cost to develop. The overall complexity of a B2B website refers to the number of features, pages, and customisations it requires. For example, a website with multiple content pages, advanced features, and highly customised design elements will cost significantly more than a basic website with only a few pages and minimal functionality.

The way we price our responsive web pages on three tiers: Simple, standard and comprehensive web pages:

  Simple Web Page Design & Development  Standard Web Page Design & Development  Comprehensive Web Page Design & Development
Cost per page HK$5,920 HK$14,080 HK$21,380
Included: No animations or advanced interactive elements included. Custom static graphics and interactive elements included (up to 2 modules)  Comprehensive static graphic/animations and interactive elements included (up to 5 modules). 


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Required functionality and integrations

The required functionality and integrations of your B2B website will also play a significant role in determining the project's final cost. Many clients come to us for new websites that need to integrate with their current business processes. This often involves marketing automation, WhatsApp integration, and connections with various other third-party platforms. Keep in mind the more integrations required, the more expensive it gets to build your B2B website.

Content creation and migration

The quality of your website's content significantly impacts its construction cost. If your current content is poor and fails to rank well on search engines, you'll need to invest more in creating new, high-quality content. This fresh content should be engaging and rich in strategic keywords to improve your site's visibility.

Migrating existing content from your old site to the new one is another aspect that can add to the cost. The aim is to ensure valuable content keeps its SEO ranking during the transfer. A poorly executed migration can harm your website's visibility and require further investment to fix.

Website and digital design

How Much Will It Cost to Build a B2B Website with Oxygen?

* Please note that these costs are not 'packages' but rather estimations of cost and scope based on our history of successful web projects.

Low complexity websites: HKD$30,000 to HKD$100,000

A low complexity B2B website typically features fewer pages, minimal multimedia content, and limited customisation. This cost range would be suitable for small businesses or start-ups that simply require a basic online presence to showcase their products and services.
Projects in this pricing range typically deliver:

  • 8-10 website pages with reusable templates: The essential pages, such as the homepage, about us, products or services, and contact us pages, are built out.
  • UI/UX web design from our award-winning designers: Our team is dedicated to creating website designs that look great and showcase your company's brand personality and values.
  • Clean and intuitive navigational structure: We create award-winning websites that generate tangible ROI. Creating a user-friendly, conversion-focused design is at the forefront of our website creation process.
  • Basic contact forms for inquiries.

Mid complexity websites: HKD$100,000 to HKD$500,000

Mid complexity websites require a larger number of pages, more multimedia content, and a higher level of customisation. This cost range is suits medium-sized businesses or those with more complex requirements. The website may include advanced features and functionality at this price range, such as e-commerce integration or targeted user experiences.

Projects in this pricing range typically deliver everything mentioned in the low complexity website scope, along with: 

  • Additional website pages: Greater variety of content offerings, including detailed product pages, industry-specific content, or resource sections.
  • Modular content management: Enhanced flexibility in presenting and organising content on your website.
  • Enhanced multimedia content and design: Features like image sliders, galleries, or video backgrounds to create a more engaging user experience. We include unique interactive elements, such as parallax scrolling or animations, for a captivating user experience.
  • Custom HubSpot trainings: A well-designed website is just the start. We can create customised training to help your team feel confident and equipped to use HubSpot CRM to its full potential.

High complexity websites: +HKD$500,000

High complexity B2B websites generally encompass a significant number of pages, extensive multimedia content, and highly customised features and functionality. These projects are most suitable for large enterprises with more substantial budgets and specific requirements. At this price range, the website may include advanced features such as multi-language support, complex user experience design, and integration with various third-party platforms.

Projects in this pricing range typically deliver everything mentioned in the low and mid complexity website scope, along with:

  • Complex navigational structures: Multiple levels of menu organisation, including mega menus for a comprehensive browsing experience.
  • Large volumes of multimedia content: High-resolution images, videos, and audio files throughout the site to create a rich and immersive experience.
  • Advanced interactive elements: Up to 5 custom modules for interactive elements and animations that engage and captivate visitors.
  • Third-party platform integration: Seamless connections with various systems and services to improve business processes and user experience.
  • Multi-language support: Cater to global markets by offering a multi-language experience for your website visitors.
  • Complex user experiences: Personalised content or dynamic, data-driven pages that adapt to user behaviour, preferences, or other factors.

Create Your Stunning B2B Website with Oxygen

Since our establishment, Oxygen has collaborated with various Hong Kong-based and international companies of varying sizes and industries. Our comprehensive approach extends beyond just designing and developing your website; we support you through every phase of the process, including strategy, design, and construction.

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