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Manufacturing Consultants See 5X Revenue Growth From Sales Enablement With Oxygen


China Manufacturing Consultants (CMC) is a manufacturing consulting firm that advises on and executes manufacturing initiatives from the boardroom to the shop floor.

With a bilingual team and headquarters in Shenzhen, China, CMC has both foreign and local experience to strategically advise on the best manufacturing practices.

Finding the budget for marketing and sales as an SME can be a real challenge for many business owners. Renaud Anjoran, President at CMC Manufacturing Consultants decided to invest in marketing and sales with Oxygen in 2015 and has since managed to grow annual company revenue by a factor of 5! Having inbound leads and sales processes completely changed their business and has enabled them to be confident in further growth due to repeatable marketing and sales systems and processes.

Project Plan

Client Location
Shenzhen, China

Services Provided
Sales Enablement, Account-Based Marketing, Content Creation, Website Design, Website Development, HubSpot Integrations

Related Sector
Manufacturing, Business Services

Languages Supported
English, Mandarin

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The Challenge

CMC had no problems in delivering and was confident in its project delivery and success rates. However, over the years, it became apparent that ensuring that the consultants were busy, the company was profitable and growing year on year was a major pain point. CMC needed to go beyond the referral business to overcome that challenge.

CMC's core mission is to improve quality, reduce inventory, improve delivery times, and ultimately reduce costs at factories in China. CMC's services typically pay for themselves within one year and often within just three months. Business growth should have been plain sailing with such a compelling service offering and an experienced team of manufacturing professionals. 

Renaud (President of CMC) was already au fait with inbound marketing, maintaining the industry-leading quality control blog, for a decade and counting.

So in 2015, Renaud began looking for an agency "to build a repeatable system for generating leads and converting those leads into customers".

Pipeline Architecture & Sales Goals

The first step was to ensure the HubSpot CRM was being used correctly and by all members of the CMC team involved in the sales process. 

Sales Collateral, Templates & Sequences

Improving the sales documentation and presentations CMC was using to engage with leads was a key area that required urgent input. 

Create a website on HubSpot CMS

The third step was to create a website on the HubSpot CMS in line with the existing CMC corporate branding focusing on CMC’s core services.

CMC website mockup


The Solution

The first step was to ensure the HubSpot CRM was being used correctly and by all members of the CMC team involved in the sales process. Through our sales enablement services, we re-evaluated and modified the sales pipeline to better reflect the actual CMC sales process. Subsequently this was adopted company-wide with buy-in from the entire CMC team.

We also performed training and dialogue sessions with other senior members of the CMC team to ensure the deal stages and properties were clearly understood.

The Results

Through structured inbound marketing efforts, LinkedIn ABM and better sales collateral, CMC doubled average deal size in 2017. Then due to the radical changes to sales processes, sales support services and more rigorous use of the HubSpot CRM they then tripled deal size in 2018. This huge increase in deal size has enabled CMC to grow more efficiently through working with larger, more profitable clients.

The overall growth – 5x revenue – of CMC has been amazing for us, as an agency, to be an integral part of. Having a client that is trusting of our approach and is open to suggestions for ways to improve their business meant that we were able to try new things and find what worked best for CMC.

Campaign Metrics to Date

> 336K
Total Page Views

> 6000 +
New Contacts Created

New Deals

Revenue Increase

Our Future with CMC

In the near future with CMC, we will be working to tighten the sales processes and improve the use of sequences, meetings and the calling tool. In addition, we want to ensure that CMC can scale from a few salespeople to a full sales team through regular training sessions and more standardised processes.

Outside of the ‘boots on the ground’ sales work, a lot more needs to be done with the chatbot to ensure it meets the needs of visitors and leads – especially given that CMC’s services are particularly technical and difficult to categorise in a logical bot flow.

For marketing, we will utilise our web services to revamp and rebrand the existing website in order to attract more ‘high value’ leads that aesthetically are looking for more McKinsey and BAIN style design vs. practical engineer style. Outside of aesthetics, we will evaluate how new content performs iteratively over time using the GDD framework.


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