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HubSpot Paid Seats 2024 Update: How it Affects Your Business and Budget

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In the latest update from HubSpot, significant adjustments have been made to their paid seats pricing model. Understanding these changes is essential, as they could considerably impact your business operations and budget planning for 2024. 

Overview of Changes

In 2024, HubSpot's update to their paid seats arrangement introduces several key changes:

  • Seat-Based Pricing Model: Introduction of seat-based pricing across all subscription tiers from March 5, 2024 (March 6, 2024, in the Asia Pacific region).
  • No More Minimums: Removal of seat minimum requirements for Sales Hub and Service Hub.
  • Core and View-Only Seats: Introduction of Core Seats with edit access and unlimited View-Only Seats.
  • Impact on Current Customers: Current customers won't see immediate price impacts, with possible migration-related increases of about 5% or less upon renewal.

Impact on Users

  • Small Businesses: With the elimination of minimum requirements for Sales Hub and Service Hub, accessing enterprise-level software at a low entry cost has become much more achievable.
  • Enterprise Clients: With the introduction of core seats, clients must determine the number of team members in marketing and IT who will play a role in the software for the purchasing decision, ultimately leading to an increase in overall pricing.
  • Existing Clients: Depending on your current subscription plan, your next renewal will adjust to the new pricing model.

Comparison with Previous Pricing

When comparing the new 2024 pricing model to the previous one, we see a mix of increased costs and added value. In the past, pricing was straightforward, with no need to differentiate between those with editing access and view-only access, except for Sales Hub and Service Hub. However, with the elimination of seat minimum requirements for Sales Hub and Service Hub, we now have the flexibility to access enterprise features at a reduced cost, including custom objects, UI extensions, audit logs, and more.

Tips for Users

To adapt to these changes, users can take several steps:

  • Review Business Needs: The HubSpot product continues to evolve over time, with ongoing enhancements in features and pricing structure. New buyers should carefully assess their business requirements and seek guidance from a HubSpot expert before finalising a new subscription plan.
  • Plan Onboarding Accordingly: Changing the way your team members work daily can be a complex process at times. Consider whether you require additional support from a HubSpot partner agency for training and setup assistance, or if your team can independently learn the product themselves.

HubSpot's Professional tier pricing across different Hubs

HubSpot Products Monthly Price (USD) Core Seats Included Sales or Service Seats Additional Information
Marketing Hub $890 3 N/A Includes 2,000 marketing contacts
Sales Hub $100 N/A 1  
Service Hub $100 N/A 1  
CMS Hub $400 3 N/A  
Operations Hub $800 1 N/A  
Additional Core Seats $50/seat -   Monthly price per additional seat


In conclusion, HubSpot's updated paid seats model revolutionises how businesses interact with their smart CRM platform. By introducing seat-based pricing, eliminating seat minimums, and offering Core and View-Only seats, HubSpot provides tailored solutions for all business sizes. Small businesses can now access powerful tools affordably, while enterprise clients need to align team requirements with the new structure for optimal investment. Adapting to these changes is crucial for users to maximise their HubSpot investment and unlock new levels of efficiency and collaboration in 2024.

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