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HubSpot onboarding and training in Hong Kong and China

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You're either new to HubSpot or need to onboard your local team in Hong Kong or China to HubSpot – how do you ensure that onboarding is a success and that your team get the most out of the powerful tools HubSpot offers? Making sure your team understand the platform, understand the benefits of using the platforms (bother personal and for the business as a whole) and are empowered to achieve success in the role is vital to the growth of your organisation.

FAQ: Does HubSpot support Mandarin or Cantonese languages? (HubSpot支持中文嗎?)

No, HubSpot currently (and doesn't seem to be planning to) have language support for either Mandarin or Cantonese. Their platform interface, onboarding, training and support teams are available in English (plus a few other languages). They do have local sales teams that can speak both Mandarin and Cantonese but after the sales process is over you will need to use English. If you wish to use HubSpot to create campaigns, content or manage contacts in Chinese (简体/繁体) that is no problem and you can use whichever language you like when creating content and campaigns (however the interface for doing so will be in English).


If you're setting up a new HubSpot account onboarding is mandatory and you may choose between onboarding with HubSpot or onboarding with a local partner. It's important to note here that HubSpot does not support Mandarin or Cantonese for onboarding or support.

HubSpot Onboarding in China (HubSpot入门引导 中国)

Teams in China are very adverse to using new software systems, especially systems that are in English and do not have full mobile app support. If your team are new to using HubSpot it's important that they understand the benefits of using the system which can not only make their job easier but also empower them to be more successful in their roles. It's best to do your onboarding in Mandarin, with Mandarin training documentation so that your team feel more comfortable when moving onto the system. Having a support team that they can reach out to in their local language will go a long way in getting them to adopt this new system properly.

Onboarding for HubSpot in Hong Kong (HubSpot入門引導–香港)

There's a good chance that members of your Hong Kong team have used systems like HubSpot before (Salesforce etc) and are somewhat comfortable with using English. However – during onboarding your team will inevitably have some questions that they might be worried are "stupid questions" and feel uncomfortable asking in their second or third language. We find that the most successful onboardings are the ones that can support the team in their native language to help them feel more comfortable about asking questions.


If you're already using HubSpot but struggling to make sense of all the features and prioritise your/your teams actions – then it's likely you need some HubSpot training. The HubSpot digital academy and the customer support team doesn't support either Mandarin or Cantonese so it's best to find a local agency partner who can support you here.

HubSpot Training in China (HubSpot培训–中国)

If your team in China aren't making the most of HubSpot or (as is very common) not using the system properly and logging very little information, it's time to consider training. Find an experienced agency that has a team who can support you in Mandarin for some in-house training sessions. This will ensure that your local team understand the importance of using the platform properly and are able to ask questions in their native language.

HubSpot Training in Hong Kong (HubSpot培訓–香港)

Chances are your Hong Kong team have been using HubSpot for a while but things aren't going too well. Campaigns are messy, content is broken, lead updates aren't being logged and you need someone who really 'understands' HubSpot to come in and organise your team. Find a local agency in Hong Kong, who have Cantonese-speaking support and can assist your team with making the most out of your HubSpot subscription.

Ongoing Support

Once your teams are using HubSpot efficiently it's good to have monthly or quarterly "health checks" with your agency partner to report on how your team have been using HubSpot and what the results have been like. The most successful HubSpot partners (in terms of performance and growth) are often the businesses that partner with a local agency for support and optimisation.

Want to speak to an expert on HubSpot in China and Hong Kong? Book a free 15-min consultation with a HubSpot strategist to learn more.

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