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Website Redesign Helps Medical Practice to Achieve Exponential Growth in Online Bookings


The digital story of OT&P really goes to show what can be achieved when time and expertise are applied to re-designing a website that today not only ranks at the very top of Google but also converts visitors into patients effectively.

Project Plan

Client Location
Hong Kong

Services Provided
Content Creation, Website Design, Website Development, HubSpot Integrations

Related Sector
Healthcare, Medical Provider 

Languages Supported
English, Mandarin, Cantonese

New call-to-action

The Challenge

OT&P Healthcare, established in 1994 by Dr Tim Trodd & Dr David Owens, is a highly respected provider of medical services to ex-pat and local communities in Hong Kong. The clinic has grown to be one of the most successful private medical clinic groups in Hong Kong and is the only clinic group in the country to achieve international accreditation by the ACHS.

While the growth of OT&P had been impressive, in 2018 they were at a crucial stage in their development where ‘going digital’ had finally become a priority. The website, which was hosted on Wordpress and not linked with a CRM or any marketing automation software, wasn’t ranking for hardly any keywords and had a higher than normal bounce rate. The old website had very little content, no inbound marketing and no detailed information about their medical packages.


Many patients that were searching for doctors (especially in Cantonese) at OT&P weren’t actually finding the OT&P website first and were instead going to medical listing websites which were essentially poaching a large portion of traffic which should have belonged to OT&P. Patients searching for any of OT&P's core services were instead finding competitors as OT&P weren’t listing enough information on each of their services to rank well organically.

Online Bookings

The old website saw just 26% of new visitors eventually returning to the site and only a very few booking requests daily through the web form which routed to an email. The large majority of bookings traditionally were coming from call-ins which had become a bottleneck for administrative staff who needed to spend 5-10 minutes with each caller providing them with information on the clinic and asking the same questions.

OT&P + Oxygen

As part of their website revamp, they wanted not only a new modern look to the website, but also to see an increase in appointment bookings across the board. OT&P needed help from a marketing agency with prior success in web development who could commit to partnering long-term to help them through their digital transformation and continue to provide outstanding patient medical care in Hong Kong. Oxygen was selected to build the OT&P website and begin a marketing retainer late 2018.

New OT&P website pages

The Solution

The Results

OT&P’s new website highlights its credentials, experience and trustworthiness by using real images of their clinics and employees throughout the whole site. Many doctors and patients have commented that the new OT&P website is the ‘best looking and most user friendly’ clinic website they have ever seen.


Campaign Metrics to Date


Keywords Ranked #1-3 in Organic Search


More visitors, more bookings

Since the launch of the new website, not only have OT&P’s keywords increased by four times in one year, they have also seen an exponential increase in online bookings. This increase can be almost entirely attributed to the new website design as the content of the form (questions etc) had not changed with the launch of the website, only the design and styling.

Below: New contacts through online booking after the launch of the new website. 

OT&P website traffic graph

Performance of the new website

OT&P is now the proud owner of many top spots on Google including a number of competitive keywords related to their core service offering such as ‘body check hong kong’ and ‘international doctors hong kong’. This increase in organic reach is making OT&P a popular choice within its target market in Hong Kong.

The Impact


OT&P underwent a major refurbishment of their central clinics in 2019 and it was important that their digital presence matched the new look and feel. By using as many real images of the clinics as possible instead of stock imagery we were able to effectively showcase the new clinics through the website. As one of the leading private medical clinics in Hong Kong – OT&P now has a website that is undoubtedly best in class for aesthetics, UX, performance and search-ability.

Doctors profiles now rank highly on Google in both English and Cantonese which means OT&P now no longer needs to rely on third party listing websites to show up online. Each of the medical services are slowly being updated to include more information and link to blogs which are taking OT&P to first place on Google, massively improving brand awareness, especially on new services.

With expanded doctor and services information patients no longer need to call to find out more about their doctor or the service they are requesting. The new UX allows for easy bookings online from desktop and mobile which has allowed OT&P to process more bookings each day instead of being bottlenecked by how many calls they could take at the same time. The patients that do call in now are usually better educated or can be referred to the website for more information which saves time for both parties.

Below: the new practitioner (doctors) selection page.

OT&P Book an Appointment Page

The Future of OT&P

To ensure OT&P continues to deliver high quality and informative medical services to its patients in Hong Kong, we will be designing and launching more services pages to expand on their SEO value. Furthermore, to maintain OT&P’s #1 positions on Google and provide more value to their patients we will be creating an extensive knowledge base powered with listicles & videos.

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