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Integrated Marketing Efforts Help Medical Practice Through COVID-19 Challenges


OT&P Healthcare is a respected provider of medical services to both expat and local communities in Hong Kong. Since opening in 1994, the clinic has become one of the most successful private medical clinic groups in Hong Kong, and is the only clinic group in the country to achieve international accreditation by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS).

As a client of ours since late-2018, we helped them redesign their website and launched it through HubSpot Marketing and CMS Hub in early-2019 using the full range of features available in both suites.

Project Plan

Client Location
Hong Kong SAR

Services Provided
Content Creation, Website Design, Website Development, HubSpot Integrations

Related Sector
Healthcare, Medical Provider 

Languages Supported
English, Mandarin, Cantonese

The Challenge

Thanks to our award-winning marketing efforts in 2019, OT&P now had an established online presence, setting the foundations of success for their brand. However, 2020 introduced a new set of challenges for the healthcare provider, as the COVID-19 pandemic finally reached Hong Kong and the rest of the world.

OT&P now had to navigate and respond to citywide lockdowns, sudden changes to government policies, the spread of healthcare misinformation online, and a very concerned Hong Kong population. Though uncertainty hung in the air, OT&P had already invested much into the expansion of their services and needed to continue on their projected path of growth despite the change in circumstances.

With the success of 2019 behind them and increasing digital competition, we had to find new, unique ways to differentiate OT&P as a brand and thought leader online.


Increased Reliance on Online Efforts

With their teams working remotely and lockdowns preventing patients from visiting in-person, OT&P now needed their website and social media accounts more than ever to promote their services and send service announcements to patients.

Building Thought Leadership

The pandemic brought new opportunities for OT&P to share its expertise and bring healthcare education to more communities in Hong Kong. To succeed, they needed to reach a broad audience of different generations in both English and Chinese. However, creating medical content is a challenge within itself given that all content must be medically accurate and peer-reviewed by multiple doctors.

Responding to Growing Competition

Like OT&P, many competitors in the local healthcare industry increased their investments in online marketing in 2019. As a result, we saw more of them ranking in high-value keywords and posting more online ads.

New OT&P website pages

The Solution

The Results

OT&P have done better than any competitor in Hong Kong in terms of website traffic growth in the past few years. The volume of traffic has increased from around 2,000 monthly visits to over 500,000 monthly visits in August 2021. Cantonese traffic on the website which initially was nonexistent, now accounts for the majority of website traffic meaning that OT&P are now a top performer in a 'new' digital market.


Campaign Metrics to Date


Keywords Ranked #1-3 in Organic Search



Greatly increased International digital exposure

Going from relatively zero Cantonese traffic initially, OT&P are now digital leaders in the Cantonese medical content space with many blogs, articles, service pages and doctors at the top of Google search. OT&P are also the top of Google for searches related to vaccine information and COVID which is notoriously difficult to rank for.

Below: Actual keyword and organic traffic growth according to AHREFs (publically available).

OT&P website growth

Local digital leaders in the Cantonese content space

As the ex-pat market in Hong Kong continues to shrink, the importance of generating content for the local Cantonese-speaking audience continues to grow. Through our extensive research, we realised the potential that Cantonese content held and used our in-house team of content creation experts to build content with the review and approval of the doctors at OT&P. By co-creating blogs, knowledgebase articles, and website pages with a team of medical experts and ensure that the content is optimised for SEO by our team of expert local marketers, OT&P's content has the best of both world's. 

Below: Top keywords and ranking by OT&P in Hong Kong (majority are in Cantonese)

canto keywords

The Impact


OT&P's business has expanded nearly as rapidly as the digital growth of the website. With multiple new clinics opening in the past two years and many new doctors added to the team, the growth of the business has been necessary to keep up with the demand created. Attribution reporting (through the HubSpot attribution tool) findings have also shown an exponential return on investment for digital activities.

OT&P Knowledge base

The Future of OT&P

OT&P continue to expand and so do our digital plans. With the recent launch of the new OT&P BodyWorX clinic, we are currently in the planning stages of launching more clinics, new services, interactive pages and, of course, content in the near future. 

Website Development Services

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