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Enabling Sales and Boosting Productivity in China Using HubSpot


Optimising sales processes can be a major challenge for most companies and Chinese companies are no exception to this. In China, sales teams use their personal WeChat accounts to manage leads and leverage their relationships. CRM software, or even spreadsheets, are infrequently or improperly used.

This is not compatible with the way in which most non-Chinese prospects want to communicate professionally, and in which all companies would prefer their reps to behave. Sales teams need to actively engage leads the way that leads want to be engaged – and in the case of our client Hongda, it was quick responses through email or chat in English.

Project Plan

Client Location
Shenzhen, China

Services Provided
Content Creation, Sales Hiring, Chatbot Lead Qualification Set Up, HubSpot CMS, HubSpot Marketing, HubSpot Training, HubSpot Integrations

Related Sector
Business Services in China for Foreign Companies

Languages Supported
English, Mandarin

Hongda website on Macbook
New call-to-action

The Challenge

Founded in 2007, Hongda specialises in business services in China for foreign companies.

Prior to meeting Oxygen in 2015, Hongda had a basic website that listed some of their services. They had a hotline to call, and an info@ email for enquiries.

It was clear that in order to grow, Hongda needed a different approach to getting more sales. In order to get more sales, Hongda needed more qualified leads – leads that were better educated in order to speed up the sales process and improve customer conversion rates.

Enter Oxygen.

Hongda originally heard about Oxygen through a mutual friend and was eventually sold on the concept of using inbound to attract and educate their leads.

No Dedicated Marketing or Sales

Used outsourced local Chinese and Indian teams with no success.

Manual Lead Qualification Not Scalable

Many of the same questions were asked repetitively to assess the quality and fit of leads. 2-3 leads came in per month and were only reached out to once.

Very Little Reliable Information in English Available Online

The Chinese government did not have an English website to explain company setup, account or legal procedures clearly.

Hongda sales chatbot


The Solution

The first step was to move Hongda to the HubSpot CMS and marketing platform through our HubSpot onboarding service so that they could reap the benefits of inbound content and lead nurturing.

Through inbound content and an automated lead nurturing workflow, we were able to generate more qualified and better-educated leads. In fact, new "good" problems arose because Angel and Bobby simply didn’t have the time to handle the increase in enquiries that came in!

In response, Oxygen hired 2 new salespeople for Hongda and held further training sessions to ensure the sales team was able to sell well using HubSpot.

The Results

The chatbot now accounts for over 51% of all new contacts on the new website and has overtaken all other methods implemented on the website for lead conversion and engagement.

The sales team also enjoys using this tool the most as it's the most responsive and gets the best results. Through Databox integrations it was also possible to measure the performance of the chatbot and how each person was answering different questions.

Campaign Metrics to Date

> 82%
Organic Leads

New Leads

> 51%
New Chatbot Contacts

> 35%
Revenue Growth

Lead Growth

Count of emails

The Impact

Currently, over 35% of Hongda’s new business and monthly revenue can be directly attributed to online traffic, 85% of which have come from organic content.

Inbound has taken Hongda from a founder-driven sales company to a scalable sales machine with two full-time sales reps to manage all of the online enquiries. Today, Hongda outperforms and outranks most of its larger competitors online and continues to grow at a steady pace.

Hongda’s CEO, Angel, also explained that since launching her inbound campaign, she often speaks to new prospects who have previously read Hongda’s content or subscribes to their blog. She attributes much more than 35% of business growth to the marketing and sales enablement strategies that Oxygen has helped put in place.

Hongda spends absolutely nothing on advertising each month and has better lead generation outcomes than its competitors. This is done through solving for their customers, embracing inbound and the HubSpot sales methodology.

The sales team is now able to focus on closing leads who are now more educated on their services and quickly answer basic enquiries through the chatbot with minimal effort.

Hongda impact data

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