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Dubai Free Trade Zone Increases Leads With New China Social Channels


DMCC is a world-leading Dubai free zone facilitating global merchandise trade. DMCC provides customers with everything they need to set up a company and shape their business. It has been named the world's "Free Zone of the Year" by the "Financial Times" fDi magazine for six consecutive years.

DMCC's main goal with Oxygen was to generate China brand awareness to increase company registrations. This case study demonstrates how Oxygen uses various different China marketing tools to bring in record registrations for DMCC from China.

Project Plan

Client Location
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Services Provided
Baidu, WeChat Official Account, WeCom, Parllay, Zhihu, Huodongxing

Related Sector
Government, Business Services

Languages Supported
English, Mandarin, Arabic


The Challenge

DMCC had a WeChat official "subscription" account that needed migration to a "service" account for better article exposure.

Baidu ads worked well but it could use some enhancement from other supplementary marketing services.

The submission form on the DMCC website didn't convert well as Chinese internet users weren't accustomed to filling in a form.

DMCC had limited marketing staff in China, so they hoped to improve the efficiency of customer acquisition through automated marketing workflows.

DMCC hoped to gain more SEO content exposure on search engines through other authoritative Chinese platforms.

This calls for Oxygen's China marketing expertise.

Improve Customer Acquisition Through Automated Marketing

With Parllay, automated marketing workflows were set up to support the small China marketing team at DMCC on lead nurturing.

WeChat "Service" Account Wasn't Effective in Attracting Article Readers

The WeChat "service" account needed to be replaced.

Replacing Western Marketing Methods With Relevant Chinese Ones

Form submissions didn't convert well in China as users weren't used to filling in forms to reach somebody.


The Solution

Through the integration of multiple China marketing platforms, Oxygen developed a brand new automated conversion process from marketing to sales for DMCC.

The Results

From branching out into additional China social media platforms, Oxygen was able to launch DMCC into the Baidu search spotlight with a #1 ranking for Dubai free trade zone-related content.

DMCC's WeCom received over 450 new "friend requests".

Parllay converted 48.7% of new WeChat followers into potential customers through an automated lead nurturing workflow.

Huodongxing boosted webinar registrations to 270 businesses interested in company formation in Dubai.

This massively helped DMCC achieve the “highest number of monthly company registrations in the past 7 years”.

2020 is also the year with the largest number of Chinese company registrations in the history of DMCC.


Campaign Metrics to Date

WeChat Article Views

Zhihu Page Visits

> 450
New WeChat Contacts

> 48%
WeChat Follower Conversion

Event Registrations


Our Future with DMCC

As a continuation of our success with the DMCC China campaign, our team is working on further marketing activation campaigns with the DMCC team. This includes updates to the DMCC China website for ongoing offers as well as managing advertising campaigns across Baidu and WeChat to reach audiences in China. Other than DMCC's China website and paid advertisements, our team also actively manages DMCC's Zhihu, Weibo, and Parllay accounts to track performance for campaign reporting.

Our partnership flourishes as we strive to innovate on ways to increase company registrations for DMCC in China.

Ad campaigns Oxygen developed for DMCC and the Future of Trade
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