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Finding the right customers in Asia can be difficult
Allow us to make it easy with inbound marketing

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Need more leads?

Google has grown smart to mediocre content and keyword manipulation, with Baidu improving all the time. Oxygen ensures you get the right content in front of the people at the right time by always focusing on your buyer personas first.

Need to integrate a new CRM?

We've worked with companies running HubSpot, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, as well as sheets of paper and Excel. We analyse your sales processes, regardless of your current CRM or lack thereof, and customise the HubSpot CRM to help you close more business.

Need performance visibility?

Accessing all your data and performance reports is one thing - understanding it well enough to plan future actions is another. We provide strategic quarterly reporting and daily dashboards on HubSpot and Databox to help you understand the numbers.



We were also HubSpot’s first ever agency in China in 2013. Our culture from the beginning has been based on doing the right thing, innovating, and committing to voraciously learning the things that would take our clients to the next level – such as our innovative China SMS & WeChat automation tools for HubSpot.

We made it our mission to understand the online marketing nuances of both worlds, and have stood the test of time by constantly and successfully delivering on HubSpot inbound marketing & sales campaigns for our clients on both sides of the China Firewall.


HubSpot Web Development

Build a website your company can be proud of. Mobile-friendly, smart-workflows and attractive content are just the start!

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Branding & Creative

The digital face of your company is often the only impression potential customers will see before making a purchasing decision.

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Inbound Marketing

Engage and educate your visitors with content so good, they will be printing it and putting it on a wall.

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Marketing to China

China is a tough market to crack where different rules apply. Use our tried and tested methods of marketing in China for real results.

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Sales Training & Enablement

Empower sales to make better decisions and improve conversions with our sales training and enablement courses.

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Hubspot Setup & Support

Use Hubspot to transform your business into a modern, organised and most importantly - a functioning digital enterprise.

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We have a track-record of quality work and positive ROI


Marketing Manager


John Niggl

Since implementing HubSpot and Inbound Marketing with Oxygen in August 2016 InTouch has seen a 1,679% growth in organic website traffic accounting for 45% of all new contacts



Renaud Anjoran

Gareth and his team helped us clarify our strategy, provided valuable feedback and suggestions on the tactics, and are executing it nicely. I particularly liked the details into which Oxygen went, when it came to defining workflows and structuring the marketing & sales funnel. Oh and they came up with great designs! Overall, top quality work.

Global Marketing Director


Didi Bethurum

Oxygen helped to create a clear conversion funnel using HubSpot’s automation through which marketing leads are qualified and passed onto our sales teams who are then able to close at a much higher rate (46x increase in close rate)