Everything you should know about WeChat Work (WeCom)

With many offices in China temporarily closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, businesses are actively searching for online messaging and video-conferencing tools to cope with these changes. 

One of the most popular business communication platforms in China called ‘WeCom’ (formally known as WeChat Work before Nov 2020),  has reportedly seen record usage over the past week across businesses in China. This article will help introduce WeChat Work platform in detail, outlining everything you need to know about implementing WeChat Work for your business. 

What is WeChat Work? 

WeChat Work is a corporate communication and office tool created by the Tencent WeChat team. It has the same communication experience as WeChat, rich OA applications, and the ability to connect with WeChat ecology. It can help companies connect internally, connect with ecological partners, and connect with consumers. It is also important to note that WeChat Work supports API, allowing you to access and integrate the functionality of WeChat with other applications.

Features of WeChat Work

Communication experience consistent with WeChat 

Chinese users spend an average of two hours a day on WeChat. There are approximately 1.15 billion WeChat users, covering more than 80% of China’s population. The chat interface of  WeChat Work is the same as WeChat, which greatly reduces the difficulty of using WeChat Work and makes it easier for employees to start work directly.

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Connect with WeChat 

Contact with Customer

  • WeChat Work can directly add customers' WeChat as friends, and provide customers with services through single chat or group chat. Enterprises can view and manage WeChat customers added by members, and reassign customers of departing members.

Customer group

  • Enterprises can view and manage group chats of employees, and can also directly invite customers using WeChat to join group chats. The maximum members for a customer group is 200.

WeChat moment

  • WeChat Work has opened the function of WeChat moment which can post promotional information, product dynamics, professional knowledge and other content to customers' WeChat moment, and interact with customer reviews. 


  • Enterprises can develop WeChat mini-programs that can be run and used in WeChat Work. It can also be sent to customers directly through WeChat messages.

Corporate payment

  • Enterprises can bind WeChat payment merchants to activate corporate payments. The employee collects the payment from the WeChat customer and collects it into the corporate account, instead of receiving the payment through the employee's personal bank account.

Efficiency tools and office applications 

WeChat Work provides a wealth of OA functions and applications, such as attendance check-in, process approval, financial reimbursement, job reporting and document management. These functions help enterprises to conveniently and efficiently manage employees.

Employees can also use WeChat Work to schedule appointments, start online video/voice conferences with a maximum of 25 participants at the same time, and provide management functions for the host.

Employees can check the read and unread status of each other by using the messages sent by WeChat Work, making work communication more efficient.

Information security guarantee 

WeChat Work is the first enterprise office product in China that has passed the SOC2Type2 audit. It has international authority certification and bank-level encryption level, which provides a reliable guarantee for corporate data security.


WeChat Work also is a CRM tool

“Regarding WeChat Work, if it is positioned as a communication tool within the company, I think its scene and meaning will be much smaller, and it will only generate greater value when it is extended outside the enterprise. The subsequent new changes of the WeChat Work are based on a new concept: I hope that every employee of the enterprise will become a window for enterprise services. People are services and they are certified services.” 

—Allan Zhang, Founder of WeChat

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This is also the most competitive place of WeChat Work. It is not only a tool for internal collaboration of the enterprise but also connected with external customers and turned into a CRM tool.

In other words, you can directly reach 1.15 billion WeChat users through WeChat Work. 

Different from the personal WeChat account, WeChat Work accounts belong to corporate accounts, which means that customer information will not be taken away by the departure of the sales staff protecting the company's digital assets.


Case Study

Using WeChat Work to communicate sales information, allow us to bring the latest sales strategies to the market more quickly.

— Swire Coca-Cola

Customer information belongs to the company.

In the past, when sales staff of the enterprise communicated with customers, they needed to download and forward the sales plan through personal WeChat. It was difficult for the company to collect and manage customer information in a unified manner, and it was tedious for employees to forward.

Now, sales can use WeChat Work to add customers’ WeChat and send sales plans with one click from the workbench. Customer information is stored on WeChat Work to protect corporate customer assets. More often than not, when salespeople leave or quite a company for another, they take some of their clients with them. WeChat Work solves this issue, ensuring that your customer lists are owned by the company, not by the salespeople. 

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If you want to learn more about WeChat Work’s functions to improve employee management and protect corporate customer information assets, please contact our experts here at Oxygen. 

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